The concept of AdBlocker VPN arose from a conversation between friends lamenting about privacy online.

The problem: maintaining your privacy online is hard work and sometimes requires using multiple tools.

The solution: an easy-to-install, easy-to-use VPN and adblocking service.

We believe that you should be in control of your privacy, and AdBlocker VPN enables you to make that choice. We don't think companies should be able to gather information about you and profit from it without your consent.

Why a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) routes all communications between your client (computer/phone) and the Internet through a secure, encrypted VPN server endpoint.

In other words, a VPN funnels all your requests for online stuff through a single point, which obscures personal details about your requests before fulfilling your requests.

VPNs are important for two reasons:

  1. They prevent companies from collecting and profiting off of your data. Even if your traffic is encrypted with an HTTPS, your Internet Service Provider can see what sites or what destinations you're visiting -- the "metadata" of your web browsing. Your ISP is free to use this metadata and sell it to advertisers. This is your home Internet, and even your cell phone data provider. Some allow you to opt-out of your information being sold to advertisers -  others don't.
  2. Doing some work at your local coffee shop? Yeah, anyone on that WIFI network can probably see your traffic. Shared public networks usually allow anyone on that network to see traffic.

AdBlocker VPN obscures that traffic and destinations from your ISP, your cell phone data provider, and anybody on a shared public network.

They can see your connection to our servers and that's it. Plus, as more people use AdBlocker VPN, the traffic from our servers essentially becomes anonymized because so much traffic is coming from it.

Why adblocking?

A bit of context - DNS (Domain Name Service) is what turns into an IP address, like DNS is how your computer knows to connect to our servers.

We provide adblocking at the DNS level. This means that when a website sends a request to your computer for a tracking script or advertising domain, we block that request prior to your computer ever receiving it.

So companies can’t get your data and you’ll get a faster browsing experience because less total data will be transmitted during your request.

But I have an adblocker in my browser...

By solely using a browser-based adblocker, your computer is still sending requests to ad servers and user tracking servers. As a result, your computer sends and gets data from those servers.

Because AdBlocker VPN prevents the initial connection to the ad servers; advertisers never know about you in the first place.

Great! Where can I sign up?

We've launched in Beta as a supporter-backed service (SBS™️). Become a part of AdBlocker VPN's future and join us as an Early Supporter!

~ 💙 The AdBlocker VPN Team