The FAQ will be updated periodically as we receive and answer common questions.

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Billing Questions

  • How does billing work?
    • When you purchase your subscription, you will be billed for the first month. Starting the following month, you will be billed at the yearly rate for the subscription.
    • If you cancel within the first month, you will only be charged for that one month.
  • How do I cancel?
    • You can cancel at any time from your member profile. If you cancel within the first month, you will be billed for the duration of that month. If you cancel after your first month, during your yearly period, you will be reimbursed for the unused duration of your subscription (if you cancel on the 3rd month of your 12-month subscription, you will be refunded for the 9 unused months).
  • What about free VPN services?
    • Free VPN services typically sell your user data (location, sites visited, etc) to advertisers to make money.
  • I found a cheaper price, do you price match?
    • We don't price match. We don't have large amounts of cash to burn to acquire customers. Many lower-priced offerings are venture capital backed or sell your data as part of the service; neither condition applies to AdBlocker VPN.
    • Currently, supporters receive a discount for their early support of the service.
    • If you can't afford the service, email us and we'd be happy to get you a discount.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    • Supporters can sign up at a discounted rate. Supporters can also invite others to use the service at an even steeper discounted rate.
    • Because we charge yearly (after the first month), we save on credit card processing fees and pass these savings on to our customers.

Technical Questions

  • What devices do you support?
    • AdBlocker VPN supports any device that supports IKEv2 with EAP. We have helpful guides and how-to's for most major operating systems and devices.
  • I'm still seeing ads!
    • Video/audio sites with embedded ads as part of the content are impossible to block.
    • Video sites that play ads prior to the start of or during content might also not be blocked. Ofen, blocking those ads prevents the content from working at all.
    • Our eventual goal is to block all ads, but we want to maintain an enjoyable web experience.
  • Why are there speed limits?
    • As we scale, we're limiting speed to make sure everyone has quality service. Our current speed limits allow for HD video streaming and, of course, web browsing. Most connections, especially cellular, don't reach full speed for most use cases. In the future, supporters will see no speed limit, while retail accounts will see up to 10 Mbps.
  • What is the technology stack?
    • To keep costs low and provide better pricing to our customers, we've tried to keep things as "off the shelf" as possible.
    • The website runs on WordPress with some customizations. WordPress is used by 35% of the sites on the Internet. It's open-source, which means a lot of people are looking at the code and providing enhancements, as well as security updates.
    • We use open-source s2Member to manage accounts and payments, leveraging Stripe payment processing.
    • We run IKEv2 VPN with EAP to allow users to connect with a username and password.
    • Our VPN DNS runs on Unbound with a proprietary tracker and AdBlock list.
    • Operating systems on our servers leverage Ubuntu LTS Linux.
    • We're working on expanding the VPN technology we support, to include WireGuard and OpenVPN.
  • Can't I just run my own VPN?
    • Yes, you can. If you want to install, manage, and configure your own VPN server, there are plenty of tutorials available on how to do that. We offer that as a service - you pay us to manage the servers, security, updates, etc.
  • I need total anonymity!
    • This isn't the service for you. We don't log or sell your traffic patterns, and we require as little information from you to sign up as we can. We regularly delete any other types of logs.
  • Can't you spy on my traffic?
    • That's complicated. Traffic in the VPN is encrypted, and while we could use the encryption certificate (what you install to use the server) to decrypt that traffic, it'd take a lot of processing power. We're not interested in that. Anything you send through the VPN that's encrypted would stay encrypted anyway (e.g. visiting an HTTPS website). At any rate, the VPN encryption method is more about preventing your local network or ISP from collecting metadata than security.
    • Your DNS entries could also be seen by us (and no, we're not looking). We're working on implementing encrypted DNS in the future so we don't see that traffic. We purge lookups frequently.
    • These two concerns are the same for any VPN service you use. We like to think we're more trustworthy (we built this after all) however, you still have to trust us, and frankly, you have no reason to. That's why we're trying to be as transparent as possible about our process. We're working towards third-party auditing and a transparency report.
    • For fun, you might want to check those other providers and see what tracking scripts they have running on their website, including Google Analytics. Remember they're claiming to protect your privacy (by collecting data on you?). We use a simple tracking script to log basic access to pages. We respect "Do Not Track" headers, and of course, you can opt-out at any time here. This is transparency.
  • Why does a site I'm visiting not work?
    • Some sites detect our blocking of ads or trackers and prevent your access. You can send us the page and we'll do our best to get it working again.

~ 💙 The AdBlocker VPN Team